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Posted: August 13, 2009
MISPA meeting of 14 August 2009 at Histopathology Boardroom - College of Medicine, Blantyre.


  1. Opening, Agenda, Minutes of the last meeting.

  2. Progress on the Malawi Internet Exchange (MIX) in Blantyre:
    CONNECTED PEERS: Broadband, College of Medicine, MTL, SDNP, Skyband.
    PENDING: Globe, MalawiNet.

  3. Internet Exchange Point advanced routing training workshop of 17-21 August 2009.

  4. Progress on backbone fibre connections in Malawi :

  5. Developments on fibre international gateway connections - MTL and World Bank
    - RCIP programmes:

  6. RCIP virtual landing point idea and design - presentation from Privatisation Commission
    by Mr Chimwemwe Matemba .

  7. Internet Exchange Point for Lilongwe feasibility and links to MIX in Blantyre

  8. MISPA membership and associate membership

  9. Any other business